Dear Colleagues,

Dear Marketing Professors, Researchers and Professionals,

We are pleased to welcome you again, for the third time in ten years, to the EMOK Annual Conference! We sincerely hope that this will be the most exciting meeting so far!

The main theme of the conference is to discuss new theoretical and practical marketing solutions to the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Our buzzword is transformative marketing, the concept and methodology of which was outlined by Kumar, in the Journal of Marketing, launching the conceptual debate on transformative, transformational marketing. If not directly, we are all researching transformative, transforming marketing, looking for connections and solutions. I am sure that this year again we will have the opportunity to learn and discuss many new results of national and international research.

As a result of the research and practical problem-solving conducted by the Institute of Marketing and Tourism in Miskolc over the past decade, our conference hypothesis - which we have chosen as a subtitle - is that transformative marketing is increasingly able to solve socio-economic situations in an innovative way, through the integrated application of traditional business marketing and social marketing.

We are preparing a real experiential conference to share our research successes and results. We have rented a unique, exclusive castle-hotel with state-of-the-art conference infrastructure, where you can enjoy a wide range of services. After the "Lent years", we are confident that we can recreate the relaxed, friendly, sometimes exhilarating atmosphere of EMOK conferences, alongside a serious exchange of research experiences.

The new format of the "EMOK - Doctoral Forum" will again take place at University of Miskolc on the zero-day, 23 August.

We warmly welcome you all to this double international marketing conference!

Best regards:

Prof. Dr. István Piskóti
Chairman of the Organising Committee, Faculty of Economics, University of Miskolc,
Director of the Institute of Marketing and Tourism