Estimated Colleagues,

The 27th EMOK Conference will be held online by Corvinus University of Budapest. The primary goal of the EMOK conference series is to offer colleagues who participate in the education and research of marketing a platform to share among each other their thoughts, experiences, and research results. For the first time in its history, the conference will be international, the entirety of the keynote session and several parallel sessions will be held in English.

Individual and corporate destinies have been rewritten, mental frameworks and paradigms have been shattered then revamped by the post-traumatic stress brought about by the ongoing global pandemic. It is a fundamental issue to know to what extent and in what ways marketing and its co-disciplines – freshly out or still under the influence of trauma – will be capable of picking up the shredded thread of challenges or reconstructing the shattered walls of science communications. It has been long overdue for marketing as a discipline to face itself in the mirror and shake off its veil cemented to a mask over time. At the same time, in every crisis lies an opportunity for a fresh start, renewal, and experimentation with new and exciting opportunities. For this reason, the organizers wish to provide even more support for grassroots alternative and thematic sessions that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Platforms that may contribute to the opening of new dimensions in scientific discourse and where opportunities for different disciplines and mental frameworks to meld may arise.

The online conference to be organized in 2021 will still provide a solid opportunity for the free flow of thoughts, the testing of new techniques, and the cooperation between various disciplines. The best conference papers will be offered an opportunity to appear in an upcoming special issue of The Hungarian Journal of Marketing and Management (Marketing & Menedzsment). A Doctoral Colloquium will be organized to provide high quality professional advice to doctoral students (applications also accepted in English). Should the situation allow, the conference will be closed by an informal, personal gathering in Budapest.

The organizers cordially welcome any PhD student, lecturer, researcher, or marketing professional, skilled or even yet inexperienced in academic thought sharing, keen on sharing their theoretical and practical results and/or teaching experiences in the various parallel sections of this 27th EMOK Conference. On behalf of the organizing committee of the Institute of Marketing of Corvinus University of Budapest, we hope that the program managed to raise your interest and we’ll be able to welcome you as a participant at our conference.

With best regards,
Head of the Organizing Committee
Corvinus University of Budapest