Wednesday 3rd July 2019
16:15 - 18:00 Visiting in the interactive museum

Mobilis – The House of Discoveries

In Mobilis visitors can discover the mysteries of science, the latest technologies in the automotive industry and transport at nearly 2000 qm. In the interactive exhibition space, visitors can try out the tools for stimulating 70 games from the wind-channel through the mirror labyrinth to the aerodynamic car-body. The spectacular science shows lead you to the exciting world of physics and chemistry. The periodically renewable programs provide exciting entertainment for all ages.

All exhibits are captioned in English and German.

The ticket price includes the use of the centre’s interactive exhibition space and participation in a science show (approx. 30 minutes).

Demonstrators are available in the interactive exhibition space to help with the use of games. The centre offers 2 hours of guaranteed relaxation.

Mobilis is located at a distance of 10 minutes’ walk from the Management Campus.

Thursday 4th July 2019
17:30 - 19:30 City tour in Győr

Meeting point in Széchenyi Square at 17.30

Győr the City of Meetings

Győr, this mellow and colourful town is situated half way between Vienna and Budapest, and hosts a vast array of architectural, cultural and natural treasures.

Győr, Hungary's second richest town in historic buildings outside Budapest has won Europe-award for the protection of the historic buildings, in acknowledgment of the reconstruction of the Baroque centre of the town. Churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner-balconies and narrow lanes, all reminders of a historic past, invite visitors to take a walk in the centre of the town.

Our sacral monuments in and around Győr are the memorials of 1000-year-old Hungarian Christianity. Saint István (Stephan) founded the Episcopate of Győr together with the first dioceses one thousand years ago. The Basilica and the Bishop's Castle erected on Káptalandomb (the Chapter Hill) are symbols of the Christianity of West-Hungary.

Győr is a town of festivals where friends of the arts and those who are eager for a high-quality relaxation can find attractive programmes all the year round. This lively settlement with buoyant economic and commercial development offers splendid opportunities also for the representatives of business life to meet here.

Nature embraces and weaves through Győr along the rivers. The medicinal waters, the landscape and the cultural-historical treasures of the environment: the Szigetköz water-land and the Pannonhalma Hills allure people who want to have a rest or relaxation. The Rába-Quelle Bath, the bath of meetings has been recently opened in the city of meetings.

Friday 5th July 2019
Tour in Pannonhalma Archabbey - optional program

Departing from Management Campus at 8.10 and arriving at Pannonhalma at 9.00.

Pannonhalma is a town with approximately 4,000 inhabitants. It is about 20 km from Győr.

The Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey or Territorial Abbey of Pannonhalma is a medieval building in Pannonhalma, one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary. Founded in 996, it is located near the town, on top of a hill (282 m). This is the second largest territorial abbey in the world, after the one in Monte Cassino.

Its sights include the Basilica with the Crypt (built in the 13th century), the Cloisters, the monumental Library with 360,000 volumes, the Baroque Refectory (with several examples of trompe l’oeil) and the Archabbey Collection (the second biggest in the country). The Archabbey which belongs to World Heritage has been proclaiming the motto of Saint Benedict, the founder of the order, for more than a thousand year: „Ora et Labora! – Pray and work!”. Pannonhalma is a place where the unity of spirit – soul – body has become a tangible reality.

The Archabbey offers guided tours beginning in the Reception Building where visitors can get an insight into the life of the Benedictine community by means of a fifteen-minute film. Following the film, a local guide shows guests around the accessible parts of the Archabbey, such as the basilica, crypt, cloisters and library.

Request for clothing: The church can only be seen in a suit covering the shoulders and thighs. Please, do not step into the church in shorts or trousers or knee shirts!

The duration of the guided tour in the Archabbey: approx. 90 – 100 min.

Sights of the Archabbey: